brainwave trust schools programme educates youth

AACT 2012/13 recipient Brainwave Trust has been busy delivering their education programme in local schools.

Brainwave's programme - delivered to year 9 and year 11 students at Aorere College - helps young people to build knowledge and awareness of early brain development in babies and children. Students taking part in the programme begin to understand the environment that a baby requires to develop in a healthy and successful person, including:

  • The important role that parents have in providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment
  • The impact of abuse and neglect on babies and young children
  • The effect of drugs, smoking and alcohol on a developing foetus, baby or young child
  • How brain development works and what a child needs in the first few years of life

Brainwave Trust outlines how early experiences (good or bad) can have a life-long impact and cost. This cost is not just financial but emotional and social too, affecting health, employability and a persons ability to contribute to society. The Programme is designed around videos with New Zealand case studies, and includes individual reflection and team exercises. The exercises are designed to provide the students with insight into their own attitudes and responses to others, and to consider the causes of socially inappropriate and appropriate behaviour.

The students thrive on the engaging and interactive material. Aorere College have designed a pilot 10-week Literacy Standardto lead on from the Brainwave Trust programme for their year 9 students, and AACT looks forward to hearing of its continued success throughout the year.