Eligible Expenditure & GST

Eligible  Expenditure

Grants may be utilised for the following purposes:

  • To purchase capital items and equipment;
  • To cover programme costs, including salaries directly applicable to programme delivery;
  • To contribute towards core operational costs (however please note that such costs are not a priority for the Trust).

Any granted funds that are subsequently not applied to the specific project or programme will be required to be returned to the Trust. Changes in expenditure or purpose must be agreed with the Trust prior to expenditure.


Trust grants will not attract GST by your organisation. If your organisations is GST registered the grant will not cover the GST component of any purchased goods or services. In this case, the GST should be claimed back by your organisation directly. GST registered applicants are requested to exclude GST from their budget when completing the application form.

For organisations that are not GST registered the Trust will endeavour to ensure that the value of the grant will cover the actual costs incurred in delivering the programme/project (including GST).


Grants cannot be awarded for the following:

  • Projects outside the geographic borders of the Trust’s Area of Benefit
  • Loan and endowment funds
  • Business or investment capital
  • Venture capital initiatives
  • Cost associated with the establishment of new charities
  • Individuals 
  • Retrospective applications
  • Core education or equipment/projects that deliver core education
  • Religious/ political advocacy or advancement